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  • ¬†Intelligent, Observant, Honest & Ambitious are the adjectives I will use to describe myself.
  • I am a Search/Social Media Marketer by Profession and hooked up to my P.C most of the time.
  • I love dancing and would love to learn salsa someday.[Its like a childhood dream]
  • I Love expressing myself in words hence, I decided to Blog.[I hope I am doing a good job at it]
  • I wanted to be a fashion designer at once upon a time, but I am happily working in a digital marketing company. [sometimes life have different plans for you]
  • I love wearing dresses. [I added almost 15 in last 3 months]
  • I love collecting shoes, earrings, rings, dresses & accessories. [Someday I will post my collection of earrings]
  • I am very possessive about my collection of anything I own.[why shouldn’t I be? I bought it with my hard earned money]
  • I love singing & listening to songs. [My bucket list does have ¬†karaoke singing to do, also, I have made a group of foreigners danced on Summer of 69 once]
  • I love corporate style of dressing and I like to be elegantly dress always.
  • I am a fan of Bollywood movie & songs, well after all I am Desi at heart.
  • This may sound stupid, but I hate rains or let me put it in this way that I like rains only when I am inside the house.
  • At times, I can be funny. [Sometimes I am the only one laughing at my jokes.]
  • I have less number of friends, but the one’s I have I cherish them.
  • I love this picture of mine and love the color Red.
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    The Breakdown

    I am a Social Media Marketer working for a Digital Marketing Company blah blah..let's forget this crap. Call me Intelligent, Classy or Blunt I will take it! I am a girl crucified for being honest on the face reaction always. I love fashion and everything that speaks Fashion. Creative and emotional by heart I love to do everything that excites my creative part of the brain. I started blogging cause everyone was doing it [just kidding] I started it cause I wanted to express my views through words and also to reach out to girls who have similar experiences like me and to connect with them. My hobbies are typical like any other girl reading, shopping, watching movies, travelling etc Connect with me on following Social Media channels.

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