The New Begining!..

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. ~ Maria Robinson
As written in the above quote,I don’t think anything else would have justified what I really wanna write for my first post. After giving much thought since quite a few years I have finally taken a new beginning to do something that I am good at.  This is my beginning to enter the world of blogging through my own expressed thoughts and to connect with people  who have so much to express or to share their experiences with me. As written in the quote I am sure we all go through that one phase in life when we need to decide  whether to hang on more or to jump off the roof,in such situation ask yourself the question how much more you wanna give it into it and if from some corner of your heart you hear the faint voice which says “Its not the time yet” Than its time for  you to give the same situation a new beginning and if your heart says “no more” than you need to make a new ending for yourself .

I am a Social Media Marketer working for a Digital Marketing Company blah blah..let's forget this crap. Call me Intelligent, Classy or Blunt I will take it! I am a girl crucified for being honest on the face reaction always. I love fashion and everything that speaks Fashion. Creative and emotional by heart I love to do everything that excites my creative part of the brain. I started blogging cause everyone was doing it [just kidding] I started it cause I wanted to express my views through words and also to reach out to girls who have similar experiences like me and to connect with them. My hobbies are typical like any other girl reading, shopping, watching movies, travelling etc Connect with me on following Social Media channels.

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