Cross Cultural Cafe & Bistro-Review

Cross Cultural Cafe Review

Cross Cultural Cafe is the modern cafe & bistro inspired from the sitcom Friends. Located at Meena Bazaar, Alfahidi the cafe offers mix options of food along with drinks including alcoholic. They are also open 24 hours for late night craving and option to sit and chat.

Ambiance – One of the reason I was excited to visit the place was due to their inspiration drawn from sitcom Friends. When I went it wasn’t the exactly the same but it was different. They had lot more. Multiple interior scheme, games to play, books to read and musical instrument along with bold choice of colors giving a very vibrant vibe.

Food Review I ordered for a Burger, Chicken Chowmein and Chocolate Milkshake. The food was prepared well and chicken chowmein was really tasty and it was served hot. What stood out for me was the milkshake that looked exactly like Devils Own Coffer from Cafe Coffee day back in Mumbai.

They had good range of alcoholic drink and beer for very cheap prices. The overall review is that I felt this place offers good food along with good ambiance that you can enjoy with your friends.

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