Disco/Club Creeps In Dubai

I am sure you all have been to the club more than once and would have loved the experience of it. I have been visiting a lot of club from past few weeks in Dubai. I often wonder at the kind of people we actually meet in the club, its kind of like all of them are categorized in some sort of the group, so right from couples to singles you come across all of them. Hence, I have listed the kind of people you will come across in the club or disco in Dubai or wherever.

1. The Staring Strangers – These are the people who you would always find standing near the bar counter or mostly alone on single tables, or a lonely person in the group with one drink in their hands and raising a toast at you every time you look at them.
Staring Strangers

2. The DareDevils – They are the one’s who are hugging their GF while checking you behind her back. They will wink, smile and do a lot of things to get your attention but will also be quick enough to snap out if it, the moment their GF faces them again.
dare devil

3.The Break Dancers – Hollywood or Bollywood, they just don’t stop dancing. Basically, they think they are the Michael Jackson of today. They dance funny and you will never stop laughing looking at them. Although, there are chances you might get confuse if they are Dancing or Stretching themselves.
break dancer

4.The Fevicol Couple – The lovey-dovey couple who are hugging each other too close for the comfort of others moving right in the middle of the floor. It doesn’t matter if its Break up party or Aaj Blue hai Pani Pani, they find romance in all the song. They are so into each other that you might feel bad about being Single just by looking at their Fevi Stick Love. [#justsaying] dancing couple gif

5.The Bhangra Guys – They are the Sukhwinder Singh of the floor.The moment there is a Punjabi Song,some sort of supernatural energy gets into them and there goes their leg and hand in the air. The dance floor becomes like a ‘Mata ki Chowki’ for them. I love the way they get into the spirit of it but please care for the small little girls around who just fu**ing got her toe fractured because you just jumped on it.
bhangra dancer

6. The Hunters – Basically these are the single guys trying to find some single girls around to dance or to ask their phone number. They kind of creep you out since they stalk you in all directions. Sadly after trying hard they go back to their group feeling disappointed with ‘No good girls around you know’ kind of attitude.
solo dancer

7.The Drama Queens – You can find them post 2 or 3 AM. They have ideally had too much of alcohol and they are almost on the verge of puking anytime by now. They will also be either crying on their Gf’s Shoulder or fighting with their boyfriend or just too drunk to walk on their own.
drunk gif

8. The Cheerleaders – No No Nothing is wrong with them! Either it’s their first time in the disco or they have got a certain adrenaline rush in their body. You don’t really have to be scared, just make you way around them or ignore and walk over, they are basically harmless and self-motivated cheerleaders enjoying themselves.

9. The Japanese Dolls – Do I even need to explain this?
bad makeup

10. The Deepika Padukone’s – I am sure by now you must be wondering what category do I find myself or my friends in? Well, the answer is quite simple we are the ‘Deepika’s’ of every party we walk in. We go to enjoy the music and dance our life out on floor
[Anks,if you are reading this I am sure you will agree to me] deep gif

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