Don’t Let Him Go!

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“Picture speaks thousand words”

At times, you meet this special someone and you let them go thinking you deserve better, only to realize that this was the best you could ever have. It happened to me as well when my life was so full of happiness and yet I never valued it. As humans, we are so greedy in life that we are never satisfied with what I have and thirst of wanting more never satiates.
So at this age of my life after getting my heart broken so many times I feel there cannot be nice guy anymore in this world and somewhere deep down my heart had him once!!

So someday, somewhere you met this guy and ……………….

He always made sure to be there for you.
He wiped your tears irrespective of who made you cry.
He stands by you and supports you for no matter what!
He makes you feel special without any reason.
He remembers every choice of yours.
You know you can text him even at 3 at night.
He calls you once in a day to check if you are okay.
He can’t help you with your projects or assignments but yet he makes an attempt.
You both fight but he is the first one who comes back and says sorry.
He gets you the stuff he thinks you can’t afford to buy.
He surprises you randomly.
He has kept all the old pictures of yours to make you laugh someday by looking at it
He remembers the promises he made and completes them, even if it take years to fulfill it.
He takes one look at you and knows that you are upset
He can make you laugh in a minute.

Most importantly no matter the distance or time, he stills makes you feel the same way he did ages ago should know he is the one YOU SHOULD NOT LET GO.

Just because he is there with you always, doesn’t mean that he has nothing to do, don’t take him for granted,don’t disrespect him,don’t devalue him ..held him close boyfriend,lover,best friend the relationship doesn’t matter, neither the name you would want to define it with…..what matters is how you feel with him and how he makes you feel.

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