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  • ¬†Intelligent, Observant, Honest & Ambitious are the adjectives I will use to describe myself.
  • I am a Search/Social Media Marketer by Profession and hooked up to my P.C most of the time.
  • I love dancing and would love to learn salsa someday.[Its like a childhood dream]
  • I Love expressing myself in words hence, I decided to Blog.[I hope I am doing a good job at it]
  • I wanted to be a fashion designer at once upon a time, but I am happily working in a digital marketing company. [sometimes life have different plans for you]
  • I love wearing dresses. [I added almost 15 in last 3 months]
  • I love collecting shoes, earrings, rings, dresses & accessories. [Someday I will post my collection of earrings]
  • I am very possessive about my collection of anything I own.[why shouldn’t I be? I bought it with my hard earned money]
  • I love singing & listening to songs. [My bucket list does have ¬†karaoke singing to do, also, I have made a group of foreigners danced on Summer of 69 once]
  • I love corporate style of dressing and I like to be elegantly dress always.
  • I am a fan of Bollywood movie & songs, well after all I am Desi at heart.
  • This may sound stupid, but I hate rains or let me put it in this way that I like rains only when I am inside the house.
  • At times, I can be funny. [Sometimes I am the only one laughing at my jokes.]
  • I have less number of friends, but the one’s I have I cherish them.
  • I love this picture of mine and love the color Red.
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