Feelings today- words or emoticons??

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Remember the Hallmark & Archies Greeting Cards? I remember with faint memories that these shops used to be always crowded with a variety of people trying to find the perfect words on perfect cards to express their feelings for their loved one’s.

That was an era where feelings had words and not emoticons, People cared to go through the trouble of finding the perfect card which exactly expressed your feelings through right words or quotes and not copy-pasting it from Google. We remembered every occasion by heart and will prepare for it in advance at least a day before the main occasion unlike today where everything is finalized right at the moment during the occasion or later or merely some hours before it.

These greeting cards were such huge part in lovers life, where expressing love in cards were the only solution to them. These cards sometimes will be hand delivered to the girl or sometimes they were kept sneakingly in the girls bag or her desk. If the admirer had written its name than well and good or else it would become a sweet memory for the girl to cherish to know that someone secretly loved her. Unlike the days today where everything is easily traceable just merely by name. Google has kind of spoil our privacy to remain just a name without the face, and to add one we have social media that can be opened anytime with our entire social history.

I wonder if kids today will ever get to know the value of these cards or will Archies or Hallmark will still be remembered as the gift shop in near future where toys have been replaced by Ipads in the kids life. I wonder if in future people will try to express feeling through words or will just send a digital message of smiley with blowing hearts along with a delivery of some online purchase gifts to express their feelings?

So when somebody bought a card for me a couple of days ago to say that he or she was sorry, I didn’t know how to react to it because I simply didn’t expect it. But I know one thing for sure that 2 years down the line when I will look at this card again I am sure it will refresh the feelings attached with it unless like in the world today where everything is forgotten along with one format of your memory card or computer.



So if you have little something to express today, try some words for a change!! Express how you feel because sometimes what we don’t end up saying is, is all we ever wanted to say.

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