G for Girls and M for Makeup [Made for Girls]

ModelKarma Bobbi Brown

The above quote by Bobbi Brown is exactly how I feel about wearing Makeup. I think its the greatest invention done ever in the world for the woman, Ofcourse along with shoes, clothes and bags. I have heard many people saying that girls use makeup to hide theirs ugliness which I feel is a terribly wrong judgement to make. We all have flaws within us, some people are comfortable showing it and some aren’t, so its no big deal if somebody is using makeup to enhance the feature they don’t like about themselves. It’s not hiding,it’s all about making it better. Moving on, I think without makeup our life would have been so dull and boring, I think it would be same as like ‘Guys’ just to put some clothes on ,comb hair,wear shoes and leave,don’t you think so? We are girls, we are made in a very special way and hence God gave us this magic called makeup so that we can pamper our self using it.Its much more fun getting ready, the happiness you feel when your lipstick matches perfectly your dress, the lipgloss that add shine to the lips and make your smile look so flattering. The perfect winged liner on your eyes along with Kajal that makes you feel that you have the best eyes in the world. The Million dollar confidence that you get by wearing the makeup is the feeling that cannot be compared or for that matter will ever be understood by the people who don’t know the magic of Makeup.

I love putting makeup, but I keep it very natural like I don’t like to look like pancake seasoned with flavored powder,so I keep it very minimum. I love applying Kajal and gloss on my lips.I love the way my eyes look after applying Kajal since I have nice big dark eyes it really accentuate it. I apply lipstick depending on the mood, but the color red is my all time favorite and it makes me feel ‘sexy’ whenever I put it. I think all girls should find one shade of red that suits them.

Since I am writing about Makeup, here’s one makeup tip for all my lovely gorgeous girls.


Since I have a oily skin I don’t like to use any beauty cream and prefer a liquid moisturizer. I use Vaseline Pretty white along with the cream foundation at times if needed.I often find applying the cream foundation little difficult and recently came up with this amazing idea of mixing it up with the moisturizer so that it becomes easy to use. Trust me it feels so light on the skin and plus your skin does not even look greasy.

Hope you enjoy this little article of mine. Do leave your comments below.

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