Gratitude is Attitude

Today I was forced to think about having Gratitude in life. I have often wondered what is Gratitude and why does it matter so much in life? To put it in simple words Gratitude is, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. I am always grateful in life for whatever I have received whether its love of my friends, the blessings of God, the opportunity I get, my food, shoes, clothes or boxful of makeup or earrings or in short for everything I have. Hence, I always appreciate and thanks, people for any good they do towards me. It doesn’t matter how big or small things people do for you but what matters is, how much grateful are you for it.


We can say Thank you to someone just to make them feel better or just as a formality but do we really mean it? You know the form of gratefulness comes from the act when you genuinely feel thankful for things or action happened to you. For me, it matters a lot to thank people for every small little thing that people do for me and at times if I am unable to express I just look up to the sky and thank God for the immense love that he keeps sending it to me through various people. Its like thanking Universe above for taking care of me and in return they keep doing it more.


I really love Oprah Winfrey thought which is mentioned above, which i really feel is true. The more people crib about not having money, they keep loosing it. The more people crib about not being happy, they keep getting sad. Its like in the process of complaining we have turned our eyes closed to the good that is around us. I am not saying that be content with what you have, cause we need to have the desire of growing in life towards the betterment.All I am trying to say is to be happy for the fact that at least you have that much.

If any of my words above had made sense to you than I am sure you may have someone or something to thank or grateful for. Go and appreciate that person or express that how grateful you are to receive it cause as mentioned below ‘we always have someone or something to be THANKFUL for’


Kindly post comments and let me know how you feel about being Grateful in life.

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