Heartbreak-A Needed lesson or Sad Ending?

I am sure you, me and everybody has gone through this painful ordeal in life. No matter how much you try to avoid or think that it cannot happen to me it stills happens and makes you go through the pain in life that you have never ever experienced before. The pain is indescribable and it can be because of any reasons, from losing your parents, best friends, job, to losing the love of life.

I have gone through all sort of heartbreak in life from losing a friend to losing the people who mattered to me, to not been able to do what I wanted or losing the love of my life. Each time it happened I went through same kind of pain except that the level it hurt was different. The most shattering experience was the last time when I lost the person I love the most in my life and I couldn’t understand for what reason it ended. The pain was life-shattering, it broke each bone of my body, I felt like somebody was trying to remove my heart while I was still alive. Some days I tried dealing with it and tried to cajoled myself into the fact that everything happens for a reason and maybe this was meant to happen but some days, in fact, most of my days will be gone under depression thinking, crying and cribbing about the fact that why it happened to me?

Is there an answer to that question? I guess NO!! There cannot be any reason that why it happened to you, It will happen and there will never be any possible explanation ever that why it happened to you?After going through all the s*it in my life, I have realise one thing about it, that It will happen to you so that you learn from that pain and become stronger in life. It will happen to you so that you don’t be the same vulnerable person that can be broken down so easily.You need to learn as life is all about learning and you need to learn from these pains that you experience in life so that you don’t fall for the same mistake again. So that you don’t let anyone to enter your life like before and let you hurt like last one did. You need to learn from it because it makes you wiser and better person and emotionally mature to handle your life and the stones it will throw at you. It took me two years in life to realize that everything was over and he had moved on with is his life while I was still standing there thinking he will come back. The harsh reality is, once they go they are never coming back. No matter how many reasons you will try to give, no matter how many times you will make them realize things you sacrificed and compromised for them, no matter how many times you will tell them you are feeling lonely or you need them and no matter how much you cry it will never come back . Even if it comes back because of some guilt, sympathy or empathy it will never be the same again. Your heart will never be able to forgive what he did and he will never be able to be the same person he was with you once.

The point is we cannot avoid heartbreak in life, but there is something we can always do with it. Accept it, move on and learn from it.Learn from that pain so that you can help yourself to come over it and someday help someone else to come out of it when you see them in pain or learn from it so that you can help your children and grandchildren to avoid it.

It’s a painful experience, but it teaches you the most important thing in life that no teacher, preacher or books can ever teach you-‘It teaches you to become STRONG in life’, it teaches you to feel life and its essence that comes with it.

If you are going through any such pain and you want somebody to hear it then you can always write to me at sunita@watchoutgorgeous.com. I am not saying I will be able to solve your problem, but I can certainly listen to it.

Stay Happy,Stay Strong!

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