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This one is for all those girls/women who are curvy. I have met so many girls who are on the heavier side and keep wishing if they could have been slimmer or skinner. At times, they go so low on confident that they don’t feel like dressing up or thinks that nobody is going to like them. I know heaving that skinny body like Barbie is every body’s dream but being curvy has its own advantage too.

The biggest example for me to put across will be Kate Winslet from Titanic. Year’s ago when Titanic was released people went mad over the actress and everybody was talking about how beautiful she looked. Who can forget that scene when she steps out of the car wearing that pretty hat! During those days, nobody spoke about her curves or how big she is but her beauty was highly appreciated.

So don’t shy away from your curves and find my reasons to celebrate them more….

1. The best cuddles come from you – Imagine cuddling someone and feeling nothing. Being curvy helps you to gives best hugs and cuddles and you all know how much guys love that.


2. Indian outfits were meant for you – Indian outfit like sarees and salwar kameez are meant for curvy woman. Nothing drapes the body like Indian attire and most of the curvy woman looks super hot in sarees. So girls, time for you to buy one for yourself!


3.The dresses fit you so perfectly- You don’t have to struggle like skinny girls coming out of changing room holding their dresses from almost all the places to make it the dress a perfect fit.

4.You don’t need a plastic surgeon – You have all the asset fuller. You don’t have to aim for bigger boobs or ass. You got them, flaunt them..

5.No padded Bra’s for you – Do I even need to explain this one? You know what I mean ..right??

Kareena Kapoor at promotional event

6. Men loves curves- Studies have shown that man prefers to have women who are healthy and curvy. The curvy body has drug effect on them and which woman doesn’t want his man to be toxicated by her?

7.You have some fantastic idol’s to look around – Parineeti Chopra, Sunny leone, Huma Qureshi, Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha. Now be honest don’t you have your guy friends drooling over them..All this actress are a role model for today’s generation and do I even need to remind you of the fan following these actress have? Find them on Instagram and you will know

8. Positive outlook is important – Being Healthy is important. Hence eat right and feel right.

You don’t have to be shy or feel less about yourselves, all you need is oodles of confidence and a right selection of clothes as per your body type. Again being healthy is good but not being overweight. So watch out for yourself and work on yourself in case your weight points beyond the healthy scale then you should know that its time you should do something about it.

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