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If you are an Indian, you will know how it feels like to travel in the local trains around here. The extremely over crowded train makes a one hell of the ride from one place to another. With my recent experience while travelling,I thought If we could really express the feeling inside our mind to our face that comes while travelling than this is how it will be..

1.The feeling that you get when you see the crowded train approaching you. [O lord,Give me strength and power to get on this train today] tumblr_nam84bIHYG1s24pnzo5_250

2. The moment somebody steps onto your feet,you do smile and say “its okay” but this is how you feel inside. [Bit**,I am gonna break your legs] tumblr_nam84bIHYG1s24pnzo9_250

3. The lucky feeling you get ,when you get the seat unexpectedly.[O God!!This is so very my lucky day] tumblr_nam84bIHYG1s24pnzo1_r1_250

4. The moment you see women fighting ,I am sure this is how you feel inside so that they can shut the F*** up.
.when you feel like slapping the fgtng aunties

5.The look those aunties give,when you keep talking in English around them. [Huh,SO you think,you have come from london haan??] judging u

6. Your face when each woman standing around you,ask you to lend your seat to them. [ How many times Am I supposed to say I am getting down at last station?] how many time am i suppose to give same answer

7 The look that you share with the stranger girl who is going through the similar irritation like you. [Yeah sister,I know how you feeling!!] .when you and some girl have same feeling

8. The look on the other woman face,when they get pushed in the crowded train.
when you missed the station

9.Your face when you missed your station. [ O lord,what am i going to do now?] missing train

10. And Finally, You at your station.. feeling all happy and relieved in case you made it to the right one.
you at your destination

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    Yeah…….You can add much more to the list…..

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