London Dairy Bistro – Sheikh Zayed Road

Best Cafe On Sheikh Zayed Road

This cafe has been on my list for a very long time. My earlier presumption for this cafe was that only ice cream might be available here but I was extremely surprised knowing its a full- fledged cafe that offers variety of food, coffee, snacks and ice-creams.

The gigantic TV on the wall flashing those amazing mouthwatering dishes would want you to order each one of them right away. I really loved their menu presentation which also shows pictures of their best selling items. I was still wondering if the food ordered will be tasty enough because I have never to ice-cream cafe that serves food.

I ordered for Spicy Shrimp Pizza and Tiramisu ice cream. When the pizza was served on the table I was so happy by just looking at it. It was hot, drooling with cheese and I could see the spices right on top. The base was perfect thin and soft. The combination of olive oil, cheese, shrimp and the blend of spices used created the most perfect pizza I ever had. It was so delicious that we ordered one more of the same but Chicken spicy pizza and it was delicious as well but I would recommend Shrimp version of it.

The ice cream was fine since I just opted for one flavor that was served with free three toppings on the house. They have variety of options to choose from and you can also make them into milkshakes etc. The staff is very attentive and polite.

I would definitely recommend you to visit London Dairy Cafe because for sure I will be visiting again. The cafe is a good option for quick lunch meetings, casual dinner, after club food. Also note that this is 24 hour cafe.

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