My Choice..Really?

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The Video by now has hit almost around 5 lakh plus views on YouTube and with entire twitter community talking about it I had to watch this. The video is dark and it has been awesomely shot and it talks about that how women of today should make their own choice and should not fear for anyone. I like the whole concept of encouraging woman to do what they want whether it’s their life, body,love or choices!! Although I like the video but certain points I don’t agree too. Making Choices is good but sensible one will make more sense. If I have a daughter and if she tells me that she may not even come at night and that this is her choice, Gosh I think I will dieee out of panic there.I will be hell scared if she doesn’t come home till 6 in the morning wondering if she is fine or if she is in the right place or whatever. I have no issues if she becomes lesbian and fall in love with another woman but I would not want her or myself for that matter of fact to lie in between the confused state of mind and not able to realize if she is straight or bisexual and end up having two relationship one with man and other with woman to define her being. I definitely do not agree with this choice that she will make. I am not against women not having freedom or having no option to make the choices in life but sometimes the freedom of choice if not guided properly may end up having your life in danger, hence guiding your near and dear one’s without putting their choices down is what #MYCHOICE is…
Hence to the little or grown-up girls out there, if you are getting inspired by this video I would always say that before making any big choice or decision in your life ,do care to ask someone who really cares about you and whom you think will be trustworthy enough to help you with your decision.

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