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I was very bored of wearing the same old clothes to the office from last couple of days. So I wanted to wear something nice and new this Saturday, being a casual day I picked up this little black outfit from the options available with me. I am struggling with clothes here since my stay has been extended for a month.

I had not really planned to do this before so I tried to make most of it by whatever things were available with me. I understand that offices everywhere has dress code policy and we have no choice but to follow them but that doesn’t mean that we really have to wear boring clothes. We can always be inventive and choose the best outfit which is trendy, fashionable and yet fits into the corporate environment. Also, with E-commerce website flashing all those pretty dresses on us every time we log onto computer who have less options in life to choose from?
So Be Inventive, don’t be boring!




Give me a kohl and gloss and that’s all I need to rock my day and look glam.


No outfit is ever complete without a good pair of earrings and hence I paired it up with these beauties.

The laptop that you see me carrying in this pictures is DELL Inspiron 13 7000 series. This is the most amazing gadget that I ever bought for myself. I am so very in love with this. The tablet plus laptop combination is an amazing idea plus it fits in my criteria of being stylish and light weight.
Find the pictures for the laptop below and for more information on the technical details visit 2015-04-15 12-18-25 2015-04-15 12-16-48 2015-04-15 12-20-11

Hope you guys enjoyed this. If so,kindly leave your comment below.

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