Stop being Judgmental.

While surfing through the YouTube I came across this Video released by Viacom 18, which also promotes the movie Margarita With A Straw. I am definitely watching this movie pretty soon. Do watch the video below.

The world has gone so judgemental about everyone that it has become difficult to breathe. We are judged for the way we talk, the clothes we wear, the friends we keep, the way we walk, the places we hang out, the boldness we show or basically everything. People have comments for everything you do, someone or the other will have a problem with something or the other. We are living in the judgmental society where everything that you do is considered wrong. We are so divided in our views politically and morally that we cannot resist not judging others.

I am often called arrogant because of my boldness and blunt nature and sometimes also for minding my own business. The society will always be judgemental, but it should not matter to you as long as you know that your family and close friends don’t think like that about you. The comments or remarks made against you will hurt, it hurts me too but then I look back and ask myself do do the people commenting even matter to me? And the answer is simply No.

We all are judgemental in our own ways but honestly what others do is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS because we are not living their life. We don’t feed them, we don’t pay for their living so who has given us the right to judge them?

SO Stop Judging,Start living

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