The 9 Winter Essential

I have heard that the climate is getting better in India and people have got rid of hot temperature. For me in Dubai the climate has really gone subtle and it has started getting colder here. Winters do get really cold here and I find it very difficult to survive since I feel too cold in just standard AC temperature. Its time to remove all your woolen clothes,jacket,shawl,scarf etc to keep yourself warm,based on my personal experience I think there are couple of things once should always use in winter. Specially we girls since cannot compromise on our mini style dresses or sleeveless top. Hence keeping that in mind I have mentioned couple of things that is worth buying for harsh winters.

1. This is the most important things for winters since, all of us face dry skin problem all over our body, I personally never leave any day without applying Body lotion on my hands and feet,It doesn’t matter for me if its winter or summer,its one of the most needed things for me.


2. Good moisturizer for your face. The skin around corner of lips and cheeks tend to get dry a lot and good cream is very essential for giving the face the oil it needs.


3. Buy some nice flavored lip balm so that you can keep nourishing your chapped lips. There are so many cute and great variety available in the market that one can choose what they like and buy them.


4. Blusher , Its not a necessary purchase for winters but it looks great when you are all wrapped up in jacket or scarf. I feel blusher adds cuteness in girl’s appearance.


5. Invest in some stylish scarf!! They are available in all variety from woolen to cotton and from stripes to floral. Buy 2-3 for some variety in your everyday attire.


6. Stockings are the great way to cover up your open skin under those short skirts or dresses. It also protects your from cold and looks great if paired sensibly with dresses.


7. I am crazy about jackets in all sizes but long one’s are kind of my favorite.I would suggest to buy this only if you are staying in some dense cold area where winters are extremely chilling. Long Jackets looks great with one piece dresses or skirts.


8. Blazers are great investment for any girl. You can pair them with your dresses,shirts & trousers,skirts etc. This one piece of clothing can be your best friend in summers or winters.


9. Lastly some close feet shoes will always keep you warm while you are outside. Toward the end of year 2014 I have noticed some great designer shoes which are close feet and low heels, I think they provide great comfort to your leg specially if you have long day at work or if you are going out where you have to walk a lot.


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