The Boy Best Friend

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Let’s admit that we all have, that one friend with whom life rocks. They are the one who knows us in and out and yet are not judgemental about us. Certain friendship in our life is just irreplaceable, especially the one which says ‘He is my best friend’. And there are certain things which you
just can’t explain..

1. You both can do all crazy stuff together without the fear of being judged.

2.Only you both can understand the feeling of your ex-breaking up.

3. You both are always on for anything. [ Basically your partner in crime] fs3

4. He listens to your pointless drama with full attention.

5.He is always available to comfort you.

6.And the way they advise you to stay safe on your date.

7.Your reaction, when people ask, is he your boyfriend or best friend?

8. And You both when people wrongly address you as COUPLE.

9. And annoying friends who just don’t want to believe that.

10. In the end, it doesn’t matter what others have to say because friendship does not need approvals.
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