The Fashionable Devil.

I am sure by now everyone must have seen the movie’ The Devil Wears Prada’ and like me it will be yours favourite too. I love the movie so much that I have it on the phone with me every time. I am sure that everyone loved the makeover phase that Andrea goes through from the girl next door to super beautiful modern chic. The movie has so much to offer us the fashion, the shoes, the dress, the accessories that can just make you go crazy looking at it. The sound of brands like Jimmy Choo, Prada, Channel etc OMG..its crazy fashion world. Couple of things that the movie teach us.

  1. First impression always always matters
  2. Success needs hard work & patience and not to forget that it’s always lonely at the top.
  3. You can always put 100 % more to the 100% you think you are already giving in.
  4. Everyone wants to be where you are.
  5. Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart and you will do wonders in it.
  6. Don’t forget your real self in the competitive world out there.

The style, the glamour, the dresses the makeup, everything is just so amazing that I can keep talking about it. Although the Andrea phase and her makeover is the highlight of the movie, but no less attention was given to Miranda’s Style too. The role of Miranda, I mean woman with that power & attitude was so delightful to see, I find that very interesting and I love the way she controls things around her.It completely shows woman power,a woman who knows whats she wants and gets the best out of people,she doesn’t tolerate any nonsense,she is not in for crocodile tears,she knows what she is and she demands that out of people.What’s wrong in that?

I have picked up a couple of images from the internet which shows her impeccable fashion style in the movie.


I love the way her earrings are matched with the color of her top. Who knew that someone can carry that bob hairstyle with such elegance.


The Jacket and Accessory she is wearing is perfectly combined together.


Perfect layering of clothes to maker her look like a Boss! The white shirt layered with waistcoat plus covered a black jacket makes the perfect corporate outfit.


This is just so stylish, Look at the expression on her face,that stylish glares,the big green fur coat,dress accentuated with belt plus the orange neck piece gives her a very chic look.


What gets my attention over here is the high waist belt with bell bottoms pants!!


Who else can carry that gown at that age?? She is looking million bucks over here. Not to forget that in this shot even Andrea was made to look like perfection ,still that did not over power Miranda’s presence here.

Have you seen this movie? If not that I would suggest you to watch it and if you have than do let me know how this movie has inspired you? Do leave your comments below….

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