The Funny One!!


Hilarious isn’t it? I don’t know where I saw this quote, but every time I read it I start laughing for some damn reason. This is like the modern version of the old quote”That if you love someone, you should set them free and if they love you they will return back”.

My question over here is if somebody had to return to you then why leave in the first place? Is it like going out on window shopping and when you find nothing else is better you decide to come back? I know people do return sometimes because of the sheer realisation that you actually missed\loved the person you had left behind, and sometimes just because you never got anyone and you don’t want to loose the other person who is waiting for you. In both the scenarios what you think is fair? Is it fair enough to accept the person who had left you behind for their own selfish choices?

What you think will be the correct thing to do ? Leave them or accept them?

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