The Neon Change- Outfit Post 3

They say the only thing constant in life is the Change and yet we complain about being bored!! We live so much of the monotonous life that we don’t realise that so many things have changed around us. It’s only one day we wake up from life and come to the sudden shock of the fact that the world that you have been living has been moved on.

I guess in this case my life is full of drama cause every year something new happens in my life and I am lost in it. Some changes make me happy and some make me cringe. It’s an irony of life that you have to accept things whether you like it or not!!

I was always afraid to try NEON colours on me so I never bought anything neon for myself but than i thought I should give it a try when the entire world has gone NEON.I mean look at Adidas, Nike even the sports companies have started making shoes, gym wear etc in these bright shades,so why should I stop myself.

I picked this outfit from #NEW LOOK from Dubai DCC and no doubt I am in love with it now [Thanks to one of my friend who forced me to buy it]. Earlier due to my weight issue I would never dare to wear a jumpsuit but I simply love this one. I have kept it simple and paired it with white wedges.


I think without proper accessory the outfit looks incomplete.Hence, I paired couple of bracelets in gold along with simple ring and a watch. To add additional neon factor I bought this earring which looks so cute and chic to me and also painted my nails neon.

In regards to Makeup, I used light green eye shadow along with the Eyeliner and Kajal.and light shade pink blusher on cheeks along with bright pink lipstick.


All these lovely pictures you see here has been lovingly taken by my friend Prado, who always is more exciting than me to click my pictures

Do let me know how you like this one? Kindly leave comments for me.

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