The New Year – One that is starting and the other that is ending.

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I am sure like me all of you might be wondering that where did this year go? I remember it was just the start of the year that I spent all alone watching Game of thrones at home in Dubai. Although the year went by but I am sure a lot must have happened in your life that would have impacted your thinking or belief towards people, society and friends. The one big change that happened to me was that I resigned from the job where I kept myself tied for three years. Trust me that was the sanest things that I ever did it for myself. I enjoyed some good friendship with my friends Annie and Anamika..the endless gossip and tons of laughter was just super amazing. Coming back to India and staying at home just to see my mom’s face has never made me felt at so much peace than it does today. Realizing that sometimes all you need is one best friend (the friend) who can understand the real you and patiently listens to you. Connecting with my friend Reshma made me felt that your old friend can bring out a lot of real memories that would make you travel back in time again. The one major thing that impacted me was losing the person I love the most and it thought me the biggest lesson of life – To Stay Strong.
Although this can keep going on and it will never end because life never stops happening to us but the biggest thing in life is to expect less and cherish more. Live life and enjoy without depending on others and doing what makes you happy and taking care of the people who matters the most to you.

“Create the most amazing year of your life this new year” – Sunita

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