Things to do before turning 25 in life.

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I recently celebrated my birthday [And no I am not revealing my age here].As I am growing older I am realising that there are so many things that I wanted to do in my life, some crazy stupid things that I have always imagined doing. It’s only with this birthday that I realised that I was so involved with my life making living through my job, handling my personal issues and a broken heart that I actually forgot to live.

I am sure like me there are a lot of girls who are struggling all alone I hope someday you are able to get rid of your issues. Hence Listed below are a couple of things every girl should do before turning 25.

1.Go Solo – I know this is the constant advice anywhere and everywhere on the internet. It sure will be fun to go solo and meet people around and to discover yourself. I don’t think I have guts for it cause my idea for solo is to go solo along with another plus one solo. Hence, if you think you are okay and ready to go for that adventure trip, then go ahead girls book your tickets today cause it is now or never.
going solo

2. Stay Alone – Bye Bye Bra!! Stay in your shorts or roam in your maxi t-shirt, who cares? Party with your friends or watch movie for the whole night, the entire house is yours and you are the queen in it. Not only staying alone is fun but it makes your responsible and independent in your own self.
i am life

3.Learn Driving- It’s altogether a different feeling to be behind the wheels. The convenience of going anywhere anytime plus imagine those long drives with your favorite song on high volume. Not to forget, sometimes it kind of feels good to give those mean look to guys from the car.

4.Sing Karaoke – I did the different version of karaoke on my birthday and let me tell you -It was fun!! Grab that mike, take the centre stage and sing ‘all your single ladies’ aloud.
635508896524150556205649345_Beyonce Dancing

5. Shopping without a budget- Imagine going to shop and buying everything you want without thinking about price. Coming out of shopping mall with 10-15 bags in hand,now who doesn’t get happy with that. So start saving some money today!!
shoppingcrazy thing on girls nightout

7.Flirt with a cute guy – Enjoy the attention from boys? Sometimes it’s more fun to give them some. Found a cute guy standing next to you, a healthy flirting or compliment will not do any wrong.
[Disclaimer **In no ways I am suggesting anything anti-moral here, healthy flirting boundaries can be decided by each person in thier own limits]cute guy alert

8.Fall in love – Allow yourself to fall in love. Love changes you as a person and your perception towards life. Once you fall in love is when you will understand why possibly the girl next to you in the theatre was crying watching the movie.

9.Act crazy – Act crazy, funny and bitchy in front of the group of aunties. The expression on their face will be a worth a watch. Please run before they come to hit you.
party hard

10. Enjoy yourself – No matter what you do, neither the time nor the age will ever return again. Hence make the most if it and have fun so that when someday you look back at your life, you should know you had lived it well.

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