Think Happy Thoughts

The psychological facts say that the more we think happy thoughts,the more good things happen to us. But in this world of negativity how difficult it is to think positive, more importantly, stay positive. Every day in our life we have a new problem to wake up to and it consumes so much of our energy.

Off lately I am trying to be very positive and want to make this as a habit of mine.I have found some really interesting stuff and most of it boils down to the fact that in order to be positive, we need to have happy thoughts. We need to control our negative emotions and let positive rule over.

Negative thinking damages us in a big way. It makes us feel vulnerable and doesn’t allow us to live our life and often shuts our mind to see any great opportunity and makes us less focus towards our work. Moreover, our brain can’t process negative words according to the recent findings. So when we hear phrases like “don’t drink” or “don’t smoke” or “don’t touch that” our subconscious mind tend to skip the negative word and simply hears “drink” “smoke” or “touch that”. Our conscious mind can obviously process these words but it’s the subconscious mind that makes a lot of our decisions without us realizing.

Think Happy Be Happy

Hence, mentioned below are three points that can help you start to take positive steps towards positive thinking.

1.Think happy thoughts – Let your mind see the happy things happening in your life than focusing on the bad ones.

2. Try meditation – It’s not easy to but once you learn the art it will help you control your thoughts.

3. Change your environment – Change your place or make different choices. Try listening to upbeat songs incase if you like listening to sad songs which make your mood dull.

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