The Thoughtful Elevator

Is it me or everybody else feel uncomfortable in the elevator full of strangers? I don’t know why but my mind is always bustling with a zillion of thoughts inside my little head. I also observe my fellow passengers and somehow everybody just wants to get out of the square space asap. Based on my observation I guess this must be the common thoughts running across all our minds and not sure why but I am attempting the thoughts in guys minds too this time.

—————————————- THE GIRL’s THOUGHT’s————————————————

  • Why is this elevator so slow?

Girl reaction

  • Why are there so many people in one elevator?

GR 3

  • Why is this guy staring at me,haven’t you seen a girl before?

girl reaction

  • OMG,he is smiling at me I have to fake a smile now?

Girls Reaction

  • I wonder what other’s are thinking?

GR 4

—————————————- THE BOY’s THOUGHT’s——————————————–

  • Dude!! Hot Chick Man!!! Look! Look !!

Boys reaction

  • Should I ask her for coffee?

boys reaction

  • Or maybe I can ask her for movie and chill at my place someday.


  • I think she just smiled looking at me.

boys reactn to girls fake smile

  • I wish I was MR.GREY of Fifty Shades Of Grey.


  • (just in case if the girl’s bf walks in) Like really! I really need to change my apartment now..there are no single girls in here.

Boys reaction

No offense to any gender..hope you enjoy the article. If yes to comment or share.

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