Tikka Shikka – Deira, Dubai.

I liked the fact that hunger makes you explore places that you might not think about. On a recent recommendation of a friend, we ended up exploring a very vibrant restaurant in Deira. Perky interiors, vibrant colors and catchy quotes on a wall immediately grabs your attention in this Dhaba style setting.

The limited menu option is decent enough to pick the food choices that will not leave you disappointed. You get a mix feeling of sitting in a restaurant but are also reminded of Mumbai by their quirky catchy twisted line of famous Bollywood dialogue. Since tikkas are their specialty we went for the mix tikka platter as suggested by the owner.

Six pieces of large chicken legs, each one with its distinctive flavor. Spinach with sesame and Bori chicken got us excited since these looked new to us. It also came with several dips to try the chicken with and the best one out of that would be the mint chutney dip since it blended well with tikkas. The tikkas were soft and juicy and took a while to be served on the table. The whole presentation of the platter on the table definitely gets your mouth watering. Diving straight to our food, we experienced the food that was good enough to get our taste bud tingling and something new than the usual restaurants.

The portion of the food is alot and do order this dish if you are in a group of 3 to 4 people.I also tried the lemon soda (ordered sweet & salty) and to be honest first it was extremely sweet with not much lemon than after exchanging it was too salted.They have various affordable combos as well considering the area they are catering too.

Cons about the place – They don’t accept cards as of now, so do keep that in mind while visiting and also that parking is not easily available. The staff can be a bit more cheerful and waiting time all over can be reduced. The platter should also have bread added to it for the price it costs.

Its a place you should definitely visit if you are looking for something different in your Chicken Tikka.

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