Wear Everything With Confidence.

I don’t believe that in order to look fashionable, you really need to buy expensive clothes. You just need to find the right kind of style for you and wear it with confidence. You can wear 100 Rs clothes or 10,000 Rs labeled fashion if you are not confident about yourself,you will not able to justify it. I wear whatever I like and I am rarely brand freak. I would pick something from the roadside shop and would carry it with complete elegance. I love accessorizing my outfit and color coordinate with either bright shoes or bright lipstick.

The top that you see in this pictures below was picked from the local market for 250 Rs only. I paired it up with jeans and accessorized it with whatever I could accessorize it with (since I am on limited stuff half of being in Dubai). I wore my favorite pair of sandals and put on my favorite lipstick and the result is right there in front of you.

Be confident in your skin and for what you are cause like you there is nobody else.

A little creativity and thinking can make any simple looking outfit look amazing. Hope you enjoy the post.

Photograph – Avinash Pawar.


Let’s get started!!



O So stylish!


Not without my shades.



What are you talking about?



Me and my red shoes.



Just some candid pose.

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