When girls crush over someone

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I feel having a crush over someone no matter what age makes you feel like a teenager again. On one such conversation with a very close friend of mine, I realised that the heart racing, the nervous talking and sudden rush of blood in the body that happens around them, it all feels so good and exciting. I am sure there are lot of things that we do but mentioned below are couple of things that every girl does and feels.

1.Chase him secretly everywhere. .. Cafeteria, Parking, Lobby doesn’t matter we can follow them wherever needed.

2.Be extra attentive towards him. ..How can we leave any chances of talking to him?
2.Extra attentive

3.Like his every profile picture…Of course, we need to show our support.
point 3

4.Providing an extra comfort doesn’t matter if he needs it or not. We take a mental oath in our mind to be there for them, no matter what!!
girl comforting

5.Become dumb and deaf at once when he speak to you. whatever yu are talking,keep talking cause it feels like you are singing for me.

6.Keep Daydreaming about him. Because you and me are so perfect in my dream.
dream gif

7.Feel jealous every time he speaks to any other girl than you. Why can’t these girls just stay at home?
jealous gif

8. The Random family bubble that we make in our mind.

And finally..the most amazing feeling we get when we get to know, they Like us back!
happy girl gif

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