When office boredom takes over

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Let’s Admit it that We all get too bored of our job! I mean having the same routine every day is kind of killing and no doubt we get so many stupid thoughts during our working hours that we think of almost every nonsense things that just don’t matter to us to pass our time away. I am sure including you and me all of us go through such vague thoughts on the daily basis when we are just too bored of the job we are doing. If not you I am sure people in your office do feel like that or at least people in my office feels the same [wink wink]

1. O God!! I am feeling so sleepyyyyyyy (followed by big yawn). [Admit it or not somehow we feel too sleepy and tired the moment we enter the office and super charged while we are going back home].
yawn gif

2. I am feeling so hungry. [Hunger and office have some co-relation cause no matter what time you have had lunch,you feel like eating after every hour] hungry

3. I haven’t check my Facebook since so long, I guess the last time I checked it was 10 mins ago. [We all just need reason to look away and what better distraction than FB] point 5

4.Why is nobody messaging me on Whats App? Well I know its sad but I don’t even have friends who would like to talk to me. [Social app do have some disadvantages,especially the one’s that makes us realize that we have no one to talk to during working hours] point 7

5.This clock is not moving post 4.30..wait a minute is this even working anymore. [Its only during the day we feel that every minute is equivalent to one hour] clock

6.When is the weekend coming? Please tell me its tomorrow!! [No matter we just enjoyed the weekend yesterday but the moment we step into office we still hope weekend to arrive soon] weekend

7.Is this the dream job I ever thought for myself? [Finally the realization: The kind of job that we wanted is not the kind of job that we have] point 4

8.O god what am I even doing with my life?? [This question will never change in our life,no matter what we will be doing we will always keep wondering what we are doing with our life and times like when you are super bored,that’s no thought that will ever stress you like this one does. Not to forget the deep sob that happens inside our heart] point3

9.Anyways, the job doesn’t even pay me well. [Well, of course, there’s no job that ever pay us well, isn’t ?]


10. I think I need a change. [Finally the ultimate moment where we feel that we don’t even belong here anymore and we need a change!!! With this thought we end our day and come back next day to realize it all lover again]


11.Raise your hands if you want to play Taboo.. [If nothing else,than at least play some fun game] who wants to play taboo

Hope you laughed out loud while reading this.

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