When you see his (ex Bf) Display Pic change

We Girls go through so much emotional trauma when we see our EX moving on with some new girl. Based on my observation and personal experience I have listed down the 10 common thoughts every girl goes through looking at that one change of display picture.

1. Scrolling down the list..wait a minute..Did he just change his profile picture on Whats App?

2.Oh My God, Is this his new girlfriend?

3.I am still better looking than her!! Thank God for that !!
replace with Sush

4.Let me check his Facebook Profile, I am sure he must have updated something there. (we girls can be real CID, when need be)
let me chekc hs profilepic

5. Wait a second, She has also updated his picture on her profile…

6.Whatttt!! Bloody Ass*** He took her to the same restaurant where we used to go..that’s so lame of him.

7.After scrolling to all those lovey-dovey pictures and love you status, we simply can’t take it more.

8.The best friend reaction to the news.
you bf reaction on it

9. They look so happy together…I want to shoot them right away.
.i want to shoot them right awy

10. Mamaaaaa…..How can he do this to me?????????????????
how can he do this to me

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